"Situated on 108 acres in the Southwest region of Red Mountain, Blackwood Canyon vineyard has some of the earliest plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon in this AVA. The property was recently purchased in 2012 by a partnership spearheaded by experienced vintner, Michael Corliss who has overseen improvements in vineyard management and select vineyard renovations. The fruit from this site is premium quality, offering unique intensity and ripeness."


Grapes Sourced: Cabernet Avg. elev. 650'

West facing  |  first planting 1983  Slope 4.5%


Both growers and vintners of award-wining Washington wines, Obelisco Estates 30 acre vineyard on Red Mountain has been designed and planted for the sole purpose of producing intensely complex and rich Red Wines. The location is perfectly situated to grow world class grapes noted for their structure, acidity and intense varietal character.


Grapes Sourced: Cabernet |  Average elevation 832' Southwest facing  |  First planting 2006  | Slope 4.9%

The terroir of Red Mountain produces Red Grapes of outstanding character and flavor. Robert Parker rates them as some of the best in Washington, and their pricing reflects this perception and consequential demand.

Grapes Sourced: Cabernet & Syrah Avg. Elev. 832'
SW facing  
|  First planting 2006  |  Slope 4.9%

Red grapes are the focus at Quintessence. They currently grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and several other varieties — with Cabernet Sauvignon comprising 229 acres within the 300 acre vineyard.


Grapes Sourced: Cabernet Elev. range 675-1025'

South facingFirst planting 2010 | Slope

Red Mountain...why all the excitement? Can't you grow Cabernet just about anywhere? More of a large hill than a mountain, the 1400' steep basalt peak quickly tapers off into a gently rolling slope facing South to West. What makes this small 4000 acre AVA so unique is a successful marriage of climate and geology. The deeper soil is a heterogeneous mixture of rock dragged across the Pacific Northwest and deposited behind Red Mountain in a series of late Ice Age floods caused by receding North American glaciers. Overlaying this is a thin layer of fine silt native to Red Mountain's arid climate. The result is a soil system of high alkalinity and permeability that allows for a deep root system and wines of notable complexity and intensity. Situated East of the precipitation-hungry Cascade mountain range, Red Mountain receives a meager 5 inches of annual rain fall and can reach temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees during peak grape maturation. The Northerly latitude lends further assistance, offering long Summer grow days and cool night temperatures so the grapes may achieve opulent ripeness while also retaining high acidity to promote structure. These special qualities set the stage for Red Mountain to produce world class Bordeaux varietal wines. To see and learn more please visit redmountainava.com

Red Mountain

Scooteney Flats

Named for the Scooteney soil that makes up ninety-five percent of its soil, Scooteney Flats has been planted with Bordeaux varietals. The granular nature of the soil allows the vines to create and sustain a deep root system. The microclimate and high velocity wind work in concert to ensure small grape clusters and an unrivaled intensity of flavor in the fruit.

Grapes Sourced: Cabernet and Petit Verdot 

Avg. Elevation 690' | SW to SE facing | Slope 0.5%


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