Archeus is an endeavor created by two families who share a mutual passion for wine, travel, culture and adventure.  

    Donn and Robin Hogan are practicing physicians who met in medical school. They currently reside in Arizona with their three children.

    Erik Geiger, also an active physician, met Donn and Robin in medical school and served as best man in their wedding. Through the years Erik and Donn have remained close friends with similar interests in music, snowboarding, science, fatherhood, and of course, wine. 

    Erik lives with his wife Carri and two children in Aliso Viejo California.

Donn Hogan & Erik Geiger, Founders

     Charlie Hoppes is a well-respected winemaker with 29  vintages in Washington state, including 17 on Red Mountain. He is owner and head winemaker of Fidelitas wines which can be sampled at the winery on Red Mountain. Charlie consults for a few wineries and has been involved in Archeus from inception as vineyard consultant and winemaker. His wisdom and character have been invaluable to Archeus' commitment to quality.

Charlie Hoppes, Winemaker

     Dick and Wendy Shaw have been generous friends and mentors whose support and guidance has been crucial to the foundation of Archeus. 

Dick has been a pioneer in Washington, acquiring his first vineyard in 1981. He and Wendy currently own Shaw 32 and Quintessence vineyards on Red Mountain which produces fruit for many renowned vintners such as Duckhorn, Col Solare, Gorman and Mark Ryan. In total, Dick and Wendy own over 2500 acres of vineyards in Washington state. You can taste their own fantastic label, Henry Earl Estates, at their quaint wine bar in Walla Walla.

Dick and Wendy Shaw

Gina is the artistic force behind Archeus' labels. With great patience, she works with Donn and Erik to transform sometimes abstract scientific concepts into a more tangible form of expression on a wine bottle. She also plays a crucial part in Brand development and designed our website. Through her myriad ideas, thoughtful suggestions and professional experience, Gina has added color and creativity to project Archeus. 

Gina Marie Liu


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