To the Ancients, Archeus was a postulated medium between terrestrial and spiritual life. A connection, if you will, between the every day and a greater meaning. In medieval times, some alchemists believed Archeus to be the substance responsible for growth and continuation of life. For the sake of simplicity, however, we just like to think of it as positive energy. While we do not promise to offer a spiritual experience, we do hope to deliver the quality of wine that makes one pause, reflect, and enjoy a new perspective.

    In staying true to our ethos, Archeus Wines is committed to label diversity. We believe that just as no wine is the same vintage to vintage, no label should be either. Our goal is to celebrate art through science and vice versa. Ultimately, we view wine as a delicate interplay of art and science from planting to growing and harvesting, yeast to barrels and blend-- culminating in one of the greatest works of art science can produce.

    And so with each new crop we celebrate a different concept of science, whether known or unknown, from the unimaginably large to the infinitesimally small. Each Archeus Wines concept will command its own name and artistic expression, preserving it as unique-- Just like our wine, we hope!


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